Carousel is the first track to be lifted from the forthcoming debut EP by A Blaze of Feather.

Earlier this Spring, an unknown name started cropping up on the British Summer festival posters. It wasn’t littered at the bottom with the other new, breaking names, but sat far more prominently and in a bigger, bolder font size. “A Blaze of Feather”. Citadel, Latitude, Boardmasters, all had this curious name, front and centre of their posters. Unsurprisingly the internet went into overdrive.

British musician Ben Howard, not one for making too much noise on his social media channels, started retweeting references to this mythical A Blaze of Feather, which, in turn, became a source of great consternation amongst his fans on both Twitter and Reddit. Is it Ben under a new guise? Is this the multi-platinum selling musician’s new band? Why has he broken an extended silence to draw attention to a random name?

The truth is yes, and yet the truth is also no. A Blaze of Feather is the music of Ben’s long-standing guitarist and friend Mickey Smith, aided by the same, sprawling six-piece band as Ben, including ex Hiss Golden Messenger drummer, Kyle Keegan. That the music shares a similar atmosphere and sonic world should come as little surprise. It was produced by both Mickey and his fellow guitarist Nat Wason in Mickey’s makeshift studio shed on the west coast of Ireland, and mixed by Nicolas Vernhes (The War on Drugs/Daughter).

Carousel, and the forthcoming EP1, is released on 5th May through Ben Howard’s own new independent label, Hell Up Records. Never one for the limelight, Ben is now giving Mickey an outlet to step into it.

A fantastic guitarist and songwriter, Mickey is also responsible for all the artwork and forthcoming video footage that will accompany the music. A Blaze of Feather is simply the latest outlet for his art, and a first musical endeavour outside of his worldwide touring with Ben. Carousel is the beautiful, pertinent introduction to it.

A Blaze of Feather Live:
15th July – The Latitude Festival, Southwold
16th July – Citadel Festival, London
10-12th August – Haldern Pop, Germany
13th August – Boardmasters, Cornwall

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