Baby Queen has announced details of her debut single on Polydor. Internet Religion will be released on May 29th and it announces the arrival of a singular alt-pop talent. A searingly sharp pop satire, Internet Religion overflows with psychedelic synth shimmers and lyrics that cut right to the heart of the digital generation. Baby Queen, a creative tour-de-force born Bella Latham (22) who was raised in Durban, South Africa, and has lived in London since she was a teenager, says the song is about how social media affects our opinion of ourselves. I hate the way that is so easy to control your identity online and you become so obsessed with who you are online and how many people are liking your pictures.

Baby Queen is a deeply personal project for Bella, born out of feeling like a misfit as she tried to fit into London life, pulled into a vacuum of fashion parties and Instagram influencers. Exposure to a world of fake personalities and self-obsession brought her back to her first passion and she felt compelled to write songs about her experiences. I started to write bitterly about the world that I had perceived whilst being here in London, and the way that it had changed me, and the narcissist I had become, she says. I got obsessed with these identities that we cultivate online; the front stage self and the backstage self, who you actually are and who you pretend to be. And so Baby Queen was born.

Her sound is rooted in pop and mixed with a complex lyricism, inspired by artists Bella had become a fan of since moving to the UK: Little Simz, Kate Tempest, and Matty Healy of The 1975. Her songs make use of her talents as a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, bass, piano/keys, ukulele, banjo, and even a bit of drums. I realised that I love dark, complex lyrics over a really happy-go-lucky chord progression. While pop was always her foundation, she says her new music came out sounding more like soft grunge, not clean pop – there's nothing clean about it at all.

An EP, planned for later this year, will further reveal her extraordinary songwriting artistry. I want to make music that people can connect to so much that they feel like they don't have to change she says.
Baby Queen is set for a big breakthrough. A new pop voice is here.

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